Material is the powerhouse record label dedicated to forward-thinking undergorund dance scene.
Since its birth it has been recognized as one of the most 'hipp' techhouse labels.

Recently charted among the Top 100 All Time most-charted labels on
Resident Advisor All time Poll

Material | Materialism is the parent label where all hypes begins.
Releases consist of elegant Tech-House tracks destinated
to wiser the dancefloors and delivers hipp and match tunes.

Mr.Carter is our Deep-House offshot label.
A platform focusing on contemporary house music.
Stay tuned on this latest addition that will hipp!

Tuna is the newest member of Material Group
It was born in order to bring out the Electronia/DnB flavor
by breaking the borders of striclty dancefloor.

Material Nights are the Club Events which are compiled
by a mixture of legends and up & coming artist
so music-lovers can feel the roots and at the same time check out whats hot at the moment.
Our Nights can be watched from any Material follower. WATCH us @ BeAtTV


Demos are always welcome but to save our time
make sure that you know what our labels release
and take care your production might fit somehow.

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